Where to find information about which category a webpage belongs to (Web Content Filtering)

Last modified on 17 Oct, 2022. Revision 2
We want to configure WCF (Web Content Filtering) to block certain categories, but before we go live we would like to do a few lookups to make sure we do not block anything by accident.
Up to date for
cOS Core 14.00.06
Supported since
cOS Core 10.xx
Status OK
Peter Nilsson


We want to configure Web Content Filtering, but before we decide which categories to Allow or Deny we want to see which category/categories a few common web-pages belong to. Is there a way to quickly check this?


On the Clavister web-page there is a section that can be used to lookup the category of whatever URL that is typed in. It is located at the following location.


Note: There is a delay on how often/frequent queries can be made in quick succession.

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