How to - Manage local users for the SASE service

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Firas Aladhami / Thomas Vasen

This guide explains how to add, delete and manage local users to the SASE service.

The guide uses our example company ShieldIT as <company_name> through the different steps

The guide assumes you are already provided with access information to the service by Clavister.

Accessing SASE Admin

Access your SASE Admin under MyApps with your company link, example using ShieldIT below:

When trying to access a QR code will displayed on your computer.


Scan this with the OneTouch app, it will ask for confirmation and you confirm with bio-metrics. This will authenticated you and log you into MyApps. 


As an Admin you will now enter the MyApps portal and see all apps relevant for Administrators.

Click on SASE Admin to make a single-sign-in towards the administrator tool 

Adding Users

Under Users, you will see all users, to add your users manually click CREATE.

Note: It’s also possible to create LDAP User Directory object to sync users from your OnPrem LDAP instance under User Directories (See related articles below)




Editing Users

Under Users, you will see all users added to the system, click the EDIT button

Deleting Users

Under Users, you will see all users added to the system, select the the users to delete, this will allow you to delete these users.

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