Upgrading EasyAccess for Windows (PhenixID Authentication Services)

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EasyAccess is now being replaced by PhenixID Authentication services and for this reason there are some manual changes to go through in order to successfully complete an upgrade.
Up to date for
EasyAccess 4.1 –  PAS  5.0
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Humberto Velasco

Before Upgrading

The default EasyAccess installation path and structure look as follows:

:\Program Files\EasyAccess\Server

<DIR> .install4j
<DIR> bin
<DIR> classes
<DIR> config
<DIR> data
<DIR> jre
<DIR> lib
<DIR> license
<DIR> logs
<DIR> mods
<DIR> overlay
<DIR> repo

Remember to always stop the service before starting the upgrade since this will cause the upgrade process to stop and could lead to file corruption.

Open services, right click on EasyAccess or phenixidservice service (depending on the version you have installed) and select stop.

From the command prompt it is also possible to stop the servie just run cmd with administrator privileges and you can use the command:
> sc stop <servicename>


Upgrading EasyAccess from versions prior 4.2

Since version 4.2, the Hazelcast component has changed and in order for the upgrade to be completed successfully it is necessary to do some changes manually.

The changes consist on swapping a couple of files, these files are “cluster.xml” and “cluster_template.xml” which can be found under the folder classes.

You will need to rename file “cluster.xml” to something else, for example “cluster_orginal.xml”. Once done proceed to rename “cluster_template.xml” to “cluster.xml” this file can be found on the same folder classes.

For further details please check PhenixID documentation here.

Upgrading EasyAccess to version 4.6 onward

From version 4.6 EasyAccess is being replaced by PhenixID Authentication services and because of this the installer does not use the same service name.

The file structure and the installation path will remain the same, but the actual executable application name changes from “EasyAccess.exe” to “phenixidservice.exe”.

So the only change we need to do is to redirect the service to the correct application file.

This can e achieved with the following commands: 

> sc qc <service name>
This command will show where the service is pointing to

>sc config EasyAccess binPath= <Application path>
This command will change the application path

In case you have installed EasyAccess 4.6 or later these steps above are not necessary since the service name would not change.

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