How do you clean up the InControl server database?

Last modified on 9 Apr, 2021. Revision 11
Is it possible to clean-up the InControl server database?
Up to date for
InControl 2.33.00
Supported since
InControl 1.20
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How can the InControl server database be cleaned up and also have its size on disk reduced?


The InControl database contains configuration history, domains etc. Over time, the database will grow following configuration check-ins and other operations.

Automatic cleanup of the database can be enabled by opening the “InControl Server Settings” interface, selecting “Database” and enabling the “AutoCleanDatabase” option. This will cause an automatic database cleanup to occur when the server is started and then periodically during operation.

In addition, the following cleanup options can be set:

  • MaximumDaysToKeepConfiguration

This will remove any configurations older than the specified number of days during cleanup.

  • MinimumConfigurationsToKeep 

When a cleanup runs, if there are more than this number of configurations in the history for a given firewall then the excess will be deleted for that firewall.

Important note about reducing disk usage:

If you enable the automatic cleanup function, it will clean up the database but its size on disk will not be reduced unless the "VacuumDatabase" option is also enabled. This option will also compact the database to its smallest size on disk during both startup and automatic clean-up. However, this option should be used with caution because it will require time for the database to be rebuilt during which the InControl server may not be able to process incoming traffic.

All the server options covered in this article are described in more depth in the separate “InControl Administration Guide” publication.

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