Index warning pop-up related to comment groups

Last modified on 26 Feb, 2021. Revision 11
Index warning pop-up related to comment groups
Up to date for
InControl 2.33.00
Supported since
InControl 1.20.03
Status OK


I get a pop-up saying “One or more Comment Groups have members with wrong index.” What does this mean? What should i choose?


In version 1.20.03 a mechanism was introduced that checks the configuration for any index inconsistencies. This in order to make sure that the configuration object index is verified and working as intended.

What is the effect of this?

Leaving the index problem as it is means that rules and objects are not at the location where they are visually shown. A rule at grid location #10 could actually mean that in the configuration it is at location #20. Which is quite serious if a rule is not visually located where the administrator believes it is. A problem that must be correct as soon as possible.

An example of the message and choices you get:

Do you want to fix the indexes on those objects and stay in their CommentGroups?
Choose 'Yes' to fix all indexes and stay in their group
'No' to make all objects leave their group(s)
'Cancel' will leave it as it is and let you fix it later

Choosing Yes:

This will make all objects that are at the wrong location in the configuration to be placed in the same location as in the grid. The grid basically means what the administrator/user sees when opening e.g. the rules tab.
So nothing with change visually within the configuration, only the function of the rule will possibly change as it is now at the location the administrator/user wants it to be and trigger.

Choosing No:

This will make all objects that are at the wrong location in the configuration to be removed from the group and placed at the location they are in the configuration. This could cause visual changes in the configuration and it is important that to perform an inspection of all the rules and make sure that they are now placed in the correct location.
Since they are also moved out from the comment group, they need to be moved back into the correct comment group again. If so desired.

Choosing Cancel:

This will leave the configuration as it is if you want to make the changes at a later stage. The index popup dialog will however always be displayed when you enter a location where an index problem is present.

Note: If an index problem has occurred at a location that is not dependent on the ordering of the objects, the choice will only be OK or Cancel. An example of such a location is Objects->Address book.

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