Gratuitous ARP and the CLI command "ifstat -restart <iface>"

Last modified on 23 Aug, 2022. Revision 8
Gratuitous ARP and the CLI command "ifstat -restart <iface>"
Up to date for
cOs Core 13.00.08
Supported since
cOS Core 8.xx
Status OK


If I use the CLI command “ifstat -restart <interface>” on an interface, is cOS Core then sending out a Gratuitous ARP for the interface IP when the restart is complete?


Yes, cOS Core sends out a gratuitous ARP when this command is issued similar to when the system starts up.

If there is a problem in the network and using this command (or “arp -notify <ip> <interface>“) solves the problem temporary, it could be an indication of a network problem related to ARP, for instance an IP conflict.

Note: this only applies to the interface address, not Proxy ARP or ARP Published IP addresses.

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