Differences between the NetWall E80A and E80B

Last modified on 31 May, 2021. Revision 23


This article answers the following concern: “When i received an E80B, I noticed that it looks different from the earlier E80A. The front panel looks different and the ports are labelled differently. Will this cause any problems when I install a configuration from an E80A? What needs to be considered?”

Differences Between Models

The hardware settings regarding PCIBus, Slot, Port and EthernetDriver are identical between E80A and E80B. What is different is the naming of the interfaces and how they physically look on the front.

This is the interface naming across the two versions of the E80:


Due to this naming, care should be taken when replacing the earlier A model with the B model e.g. for an RMA. For example, the cable from the old G3 interface should be inserted into the G1 interface on the E80B (following the mappings above).

It might be easier if one considers the numbering from left to right as 1-6 instead of using the interface names when given instructions to onsite personnel during a replacement.

Even though the problem is mainly an interface naming problem, the old configuration will contain references / mappings to the old EthernetDevice name which will need to be updated. In order to do this, we need to save a configuration backup from the old hardware and then use the Clavister Hardware Migration Wizard (this tool can be downloaded from Clavister.com after MyClavister login) and can convert the configuration. Make sure to map the interfaces in the wizard using the above table.

The important part of this operation is to make sure that the configuration matches the new hardware.


Question: But it would work even if i did not do the change using the Hardware Migration Wizard?

Answer: Basically yes, if you attempt to restore a configuration backup from a Rev.A to a Rev.B, or vice-versa, it would work since the hardware settings are identical. However, it is strongly recommended to use the Hardware Migration Wizard as problems will arise if the system becomes part of an HA cluster. Strange problems will occur in a cluster that will hard to troubleshoot.

Question: Is there a similar problem with other hardware models?

Answer: No, this is a problem that is E80A/E80B specific.

Question: How to manage a cluster with one E80A and one E80B?

Answer: If  you had a cluster running with two E80A units and one of them got replaced with an E80B (perhaps through the RMA-Process), it’s possible to run these two together in a cluster configuration and you don’t need to request another E80B for your Cluster.

Please create a request to Clavister Support to assist you in the configuration steps needed. This is done on the MyClavister portal: https://my.clavister.com/help-desk/register-support-ticket/

Prepare a backup of your latest running configuration that Support can base the conversion on.

Question: Earlier you mentioned that you can run the E80 configuration through the Hardware Migration Wizard to get a working Cluster Configuration for the correct revision, is this not possible any more?

Answer: After further investigation, no this is not possible. The Hardware Migration Wizard changes the “EthernetDevice” settings for each interface and this causes a conflict when the nodes try and sync information with each other. Support can fix this, see above.

There is a workaround for this and that is to configure the HA cluster so that the firewall nodes do not sync the configuration with each other and then let that be handled with InControl. That way, the conflict won’t happen.

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