How to - Activate Passwordless RADIUS Authentication Add-on in Clavister Cloud Services

Last modified on 26 Mar, 2024. Revision 16
Up to date for
Clavister Cloud Services 3.0.8
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Firas Aladhami
Clavister Cloud Services Essentials or higher

This guide describes how to activate the Passwordless RADIUS Authentication add-on service.

The guide uses our example company ShieldIT as <company_name> through the different steps

The guide assumes you already have an Clavister Cloud Service instance deployed, and you are enrolled to the service and can access Clavister InCenter.

(See related articles below for for enrolling to the service)

Accessing Cloud Services

Access Clavister Cloud Services, example using ShieldIT below:

When trying to access a QR code will displayed on your computer, scan this with the OneTouch app, it will ask for confirmation and you confirm with bio-metrics. This will authenticated you and log you into the console. 

Activating Passwordless RADIUS Authentication Add-on service

Navigate to the Add-ons menu and select Passwordless RADIUS Authentication

Select Start configuration to start the wizard.

Click + Generate key to create the IPsec and RADIUS Pre-Shared Keys used by the IPsec tunnel and RADIUS communication.

Ensure that you save the generated keys for later use in cOS Core and click Activate to start the deployment process.

The generated Keys are no longer accessible by the UI Once the Activation Key button is pressed

After the clicking activate the deployment will start.

It can take a few minutes for the activation.

At this point the Passwordless RADIUS service will be deployed in the cloud service back-end, the webpage should get populated with the additional information to be used when configuring the on-prem firewall

(See related articles below for configuring your OnPrem firewall to work with this service)

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