Changing InControl global domain objects in the local WebUI/CLI

Last modified on 16 Nov, 2022. Revision 10
Is it possible to make changes to global domain objects from the WebUI/CLI?
Up to date for
InControl 3.14.01
Supported since
InControl 2.xx
Status OK

Can InControl global domain objects be changed in a firewall’s local WebUI or CLI?

It is not possible to change global domain objects from the WebUI/CLI. This is by design as the global domain objects are made to be the same on all firewalls they are used/deploy on. If these objects are changed the change will be reflected on all firewalls using it.

If there is a need to make local changes to a global domain object, then we need to create (or clone the domain object) a new object and then use the local object instead. We can then make changes to the local firewall without the operation affecting the other instances/firewalls.

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