Changing the certificate used by cOS Core's SSL VPN client/server

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Changing the Certificate used by the SSL VPN client/server
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I want to replace the default HTTPS/SSL certificate in cOS Core with one that I created, how do i do this?


Assuming that the new certificate has been already uploaded to the firewall, follow this procedure:

1. Open the configuration and go to System->Remote Management->Advanced Settings. Under WebUI->HTTPS Certificate, change the certificate to the one you want to use.

2. Deploy the change and then restart the firewall. The new configuration file for the SSL VPN client will not be generated unless a restart is done.

3. Log into the computer where the SSL client is installed and then log into the firewall from that. With a browser using HTTPS, download a new configuration file for the SSL client.

4. Start the client by running the configuration file and login with SSL VPN towards the firewall.

Connection to the firewall should now be possible with the SSL Client and the new certificate.

NOTE: This operation will change the default HTTPS certificate used for firewall WebUI management as well. It will also update the certificate for OneConnect server connections.

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