How to - Enroll to Clavister Cloud Services

Last modified on 31 May, 2023. Revision 10

This guide describe how to enroll to Clavister Cloud Service, in this guide ShieldIT  is used as the example company as <tenant_name> through the different steps.

Getting Started


Before starting enrolling into the service you need at least one valid license allowing the use of Cloud Services, this can be a Clavister NetWall appliance with Basics or higher or a Cloud Services license with Essentials or higher, the license need to be registered on MyClavister (

Provision the Service

When you are ready to start using the services it needs to be provisioned, this is done trough MyClavister, by creating a support ticket using any valid license and supplying the following information:

Admin E-mail:<email for the admin user>
Admin Mobile:<phone number for the admin user>
Tenant short name:<tenant name that will be used>


Example below for a customer called ShieldIT.

Admin E-mail:peter@shieldit.tld
Admin Mobile:+467012312312
Tenant short name:shieldit

When the provisioning is done the admin user will receive a on-boarding email to the registered user and is ready to move to the next step in the guide.

Enrolling to the Service

To enroll your admin (pre-registerd by Clavister when the services is provisioned) follow the steps in the enrollment mail or follow this guide:  How to - Enroll as a user into Clavister Cloud Services.

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