How to - Enroll to Clavister Cloud Services

Last modified on 19 Jan, 2023. Revision 6

This guide describe how to enroll to Clavister Cloud Service, in this guide ShieldIT  is used as the example company as <tenant_name> through the different steps.

Getting Started

Registering the license

Before starting enrolling into the service the license need to be registered on MyClavister (

Provision the Service

When you are ready to start using the services it needs to be provisioned, this is done trough MyClavister, by creating a support ticket using the newly registered license and supplying the following information:

Admin Username:<username for first admin user>
Admin E-mail:<email for the admin user>
Admin Mobile:<phone number for the admin user>
Tenant short name:<tenant name that will be used>


Example below for a customer called ShieldIT.

Admin Username:peter
Admin E-mail:peter@shieldit.tld
Admin Mobile:+467012312312
Tenant short name:shieldit

When the provisioning is done the admin user will receive a on-boarding email to the registered user and is ready to move to the next step in the guide.

Enrolling to the Service

To enroll your admin (pre-registerd by Clavister when the services is provisioned) follow the steps in the enrollment mail or follow this guide:  How to - Enroll as a user into Clavister Cloud Services.

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