Drivers for the serial USB port on the E7, W3, W5 and E80

Last modified on 28 Nov, 2022. Revision 7
Where to find the drivers for the serial USB port on the E7, W3, W5 and E80 appliance models.
Up to date for
E7, Wolf 3, Wolf 5, E80A and E80B
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Where can I find the drivers for the serial USB port?


The Clavister E7, W3 and W5 appliances use a Mini-USB type of local console connection. Some external computers may need an additional driver to connect to this type of serial console for local management. On a PC, Windows Update should be able to find the driver automatically. If the computer does not have internet access or the correct driver is not automatically found then download can be done from:

The E80 is an exception and uses a different driver which can be downloaded from:

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