Clavister SFP/SFP+ module compatibility

Last modified on 7 Feb, 2024. Revision 9
Which SFP/SFP+ modules are compatible with Clavister hardware products?
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Does Clavister have a recommended vendor and/or compatibility list for SFP/SFP+ modules?


The only SFP/SFP+ modules that Clavister is certain are compatible are those sold by Clavister. Clavister does not use a vendor lock so other, third-party modules could be used but Clavister cannot accept responsibility for such modules functioning correctly when installed on Clavister hardware products.

SFP/SFP+ interfaces on Clavister hardware products can provide the following connections:

  • SFP interfaces:
    • 1000BASE-SX (multi-mode 550m)
    • 1000BASE-LX (single-mode 10,40,80km)
    • 1000BASE-T (copper RJ45 100m)
  • SFP+ interfaces:
    • 10GBASE-SR (multi-mode 300m)
    • 10GBASE-LR (single-mode 10km)
    • 10GBASE-ER (single-mode 40km)
    • 10GBASE-ZR (single-mode 80km)
    • 10GBASE-CR (direct attach)

NOTE: The above list is subject to change. For the latest information please see the technical specifications section in the latest “Getting Started Guide” for the relevant hardware product.

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