Moving configurations between dissimilar NetWall hardware

Last modified on 1 Feb, 2023. Revision 14
This short Q&A discusses on how to move a cOS Core configuration from one NetWall hardware model to a different model with different Ethernet interfaces.
Up to date for
cOS Core 14.00.08
Supported since
cOS Core 9.30.xx
Status OK
Peter Nilsson


We recently bought a NetWall 6000 Series appliance and we want to migrate from an older NetWall W50, running cOS Core version 13.xx with its configuration to the new unit. How can we accomplish this?


When moving a configuration between dissimilar hardware with different Ethernet ports and/or Ethernet port names, download the hardware migration wizard from under Downloads → Tools & Utilities → Clavister Hardware migration wizard.

Load your current configuration backup into the Migration Wizard, select the target mode, map the interfaces and continue through the remaining migration wizard steps. When completed, a migrated configuration will be provided which can then be restored onto the new appliance (e.g. 6000 Series).

Wizard Limitations

The current limitation in the Migration Wizard is that it is not possible to migrate to a Virtual Firewall (it is possible to migrate FROM a virtual environment to an appliance). The main reason why this is not supported in the wizard is due to the target hardware uses custom hardware settings as it depends on the bus, ports, slots etc. allocated by the compute node / host (Hypervisor)

Hardware Replacement Documentation

A document called the NetWall Hardware Replacement Guide describes the migration wizard in more depth and also describes the hardware replacement procedures for almost all types of replacement scenarios. This document is included as a PDF with each release documentation package or the latest version in HTML format can be found online at in the NetWall section.

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