How to perform an offline installation of InControl

Last modified on 26 Jan, 2022. Revision 3
How to perform an offline installation of InControl, ie. in order to install on a "dark site" without an Internet connection.
Up to date for
InControl 3.03.01
Supported since
InControl 3.00.00
Status OK


In case you need to install InControl on a system that’s not connected to the Internet, you might face the issue where the installer fails to download certain dependencies. Manually tracking down these dependencies and installing them can be quite cumbersome - is there a better alternative?



  1. First and foremost, you need to download the installer for InControl from MyClavister on a system that is connected to the Internet
  2. Now, you need to open a command prompt in Windows
  3. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the installer
  4. Run the following command (adjust for exact version of the installer):
    clavister-incontrol-3-03-01-setup.exe -?
  5. The installer will now open a window similar to this:
  6. The command line option we are interested in is the "-layout" switch - this switch will download all dependencies to either the current directory, or a directory you specify, together with a copy of the installer. The installer will always attempt to get the required dependencies from the same directory as the installer before attempting to downloading it from the Internet if the dependencies are needed.
  7. Run the installer again, but with the new set of command line options (adjust for exact version of the installer and to which directory you want to save your offline installer):
    clavister-incontrol-3-03-01-setup.exe -layout d:\temp\ic-setup-test\
  8. The installer will now start, and will now download and verify all dependencies:
  9. All files required for an offline installation has now been stored in the specified directory:


  1. Copy the entire content of the directory where you created your offline installer to the target system where you want to install InControl
  2. Simply run the installer (InControlSetup.exe) from the directory where you saved all the files
  3. In case the installer needs to install missing dependencies, it will get them from the previously downloaded files instead of attempting to download them from the Internet

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