Configure Clavister OneConnect for Windows towards Clavister NetWall

Last modified on 29 Oct, 2021. Revision 10
This is a quick start guide on how to configure the Clavister OneConnect client towards a Clavister NetWall.
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OneConnect 3.1 for Windows
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Mattias Nordlund

What is Clavister OneConnect?

Clavister OneConnect provides users full network-level access to corporate resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections. Clavister OneConnect client provides anytime, anywhere access to critical applications such as email, virtual desktop sessions and other applications protected by a Clavister NetWall Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Combined with Clavister OneTouch it also offers easy to use two factor authentication (2FA).


Clavister OneConnect is a free app, but requires a Clavister NetWall Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) running Clavister cOS Core 13.00.09 or newer in order to function properly.

Installing Clavister OneConnect

Install OneConnect from the Microsoft Store.

Connecting using the Clavister OneConnect client

Start Clavister OneConnect, the example below shows the client running on Windows. Click meny and choose Add to create a new configuration.

Give your VPN Configuration a name and enter the hostname needed to connect.

Note: The hostname entered must be the same as either the Common Name (CN) or one of the Subject Alternative Name (SANoptions of the certificate used by the OneConnect interface in cOS Core.

When that is done, save the configuration, the new VPN Configuration will be available in the drop-down, select the profile. To establish the VPN tunnel just click Connect.

If this is the first time connecting, OneConnect will ask for credentials needed, like username and if needed, password.

When a VPN tunnel is successfully established the logo will turn green.

When connected, it’s possible to click to  icon to get more detailed connection details.

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