How does Clavisters version numbering system work?

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Details on how the Clavister software version numbering system work for cOS Core and cOS Stream
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How does Clavisters version numbering system work?


There are three types of releases, these consists of three columns of two numbers, 12.20.01 as an example.

  • The first two numbers (12 in this example), is a so called LTS (Long Term Support) release. This release is a major release that will be supported and maintained for a minimum of four years after the release. There will be a LTS release every second year, meaning that there will be atleast LTS versions supported and maintained at all times. Every second year the number will increment with one, from 12 to 13 then 13 to 14 and so forth. NOTE: The first version number (12.xx.xx) is the so called LTS.
  • The second column of two numbers (.20. in this example), is a Feature Release. This is a minor release with new features and improvements to existing features as well as security enhancements. This release type, just as the LTS will increment with one every time a new release is released, so from .20 to .21 from .21 to .22 and so forth, just the same as the LTS. The Feature releases will however only be released to the newest LTS, so for example, if we have 13.00.00 and 12.00.00 as LTS’s the feature release will only be implemented to 13.00 and not 12.00.
  • The last column of two numbers (.01 in this example), is a Maintenance release. The Maintenance release often contains smaller improvements to existing features and defect corrections. There can be new features implemented with a maintenance release, but any larger feature(s) are usually added in the Feature releases. This type of release, just as the other two will increment its number with one each release from 01 to 02 from 02 to 03 and so forth. The Maintenance release will be implemented to both of the LTS versions that is active and the latest Feature release. The maintenance version updates aims to be release monthly.

NOTE: Once a new Feature release has been released, the previous Feature release will stop being supported, meaning that there will no longer be any maintenance done on that release version. This also applies to Maintenance releases, once a new release has been released, the last one will not be updated any more.

More can be read on … -lifecycle

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