Installing a SECaaS License on Virtual NetWall Firewalls

Last modified on 13 May, 2022. Revision 23
This article discusses installing a SECaaS license in virtual NetWall products.From the 4th quarter of 2021 all new licenses for certain NetWall firewall products are subscription based Security as a Service (SECaaS) licenses and in a virtual environment (VMware, KVM and Hyper-V) these are installed differently from older non-SECaaS licenses. Hardware products such as the 100, 500 and 6000 Series also use SECaaS licenses but license management on hardware is the same as with older non-SECaaS licenses.
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How do I install a cOS Core SECaaS license on a virtual NetWall firewall?


cOS Core requires the following for the activation of a SECaaS license:

  • Access to the Internet configured including a public DNS server configured.
  • Access to the Clavister Service Provisioning Network (CSPN).
  • Any existing non-SECaaS license must be deleted (use "license -remove" followed by "reconf").
  • The administrator will also require two codes from Clavister: a SECaaS ID number and a license number.

There are two ways to install the license, either using the WebUI or CLI, see below for examples.

Using the WebUI

For cOS Core version 14.00.04 and later, the license can be installed using the WebUI by going to Status > Maintenance > License and filling in the SECaaS codes then pressing Register.

Using the CLI

The following cOS Core CLI command will download and activate a SECaaS license as well as enable automatic updates of the license:

device:/> license -secaas_add <SECAASID> <LICENSENUMBER>

Below is an example console session where a SECaaS license is activated:

SECaaS License Installation Example for Virtual Firewalls

device:/> license -secaas_add 6G721412-C07F-4F11-ADD2-DH7C8B464910 1111-2222-3333-4444
Shutdown NORMAL. Active in 30 seconds.
Shutdown reason: Shutdown due to adding of SecaaS new configuration

Core Shutdown in 20 seconds
Core Shutdown in 15 seconds
Core Shutdown in 10 seconds
Beginning shutdown...
Connection to closed.

This installation procedure is also described in the relevant Getting Started Guide for virtual firewalls as well as in the cOS Core Administration Guide.

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