Brian Smart Search (Beta)

Last modified on 15 Jan, 2024. Revision 8
This is a guide on how to use "Brian", our AI search bot.
Status OK

How can I access the bot?

As of now, you find it here:

Plans are to add it to but we starting here to let everyone try it out.

What can it do?

The bot makes use of all our documentation on, and and lets you search all content with natural language. It will provide link(s) to where the information originates from.

How does it work?

When you open the chat you start the bot with any phrase,  for example saying a simple “Hi”.

Then you get to select what product you are looking to get information about. You can also select “I don’t know” which triggers the bot do a wide search to try and find an answer based on your question.

Next step is that you get you ask your questions in English. The best result is given if phrased in natural language. For example, if you just ask “IPsec” you might get a different result or no result compared to writing “How do I set up IPsec?”. The reason for this is that each response needs to achieve a certain score before being presented. If the question is too diffused the bot will answer that it doesn’t know.

If you use the product category “I don’t know”, please keep in mind that by asking a question like “How do I set up an IPsec tunnel” the bot will search for hits relevant for both NetWall and NetShield. It is always recommended to check the citations at the end of the response to see where the response was taken from.

Is this a finished product?

No. We consider this a beta. We will continue to iterate and develop. Once you have used the bot you will be given the opportunity to give feedback, and we truly hope you will do this - as we know it will help us improve the bot. This is also the reason behind wanting to get this out to you as soon as possible - so we can iterate and keep improving it’s functionality.

We also collect all questions asked to the bot, anonymously. The reason for this is to be able to check how the bot answers the questions as well as to learn where we might be lacking in documentation.

Will you use my data to improve the bot?

No, not your data. Only the questions you ask. The bot only has access to the public information that Clavister has provided. As such no customer data is included.

How can I report that the bot did not find anything even if I know there is a page for it?

We know that this can happen, and the reason for this is mentioned in the “How does it work” section, above. The easiest way to let us know it happened is to use the feedback comment to let us know that you did not get the result you expected. If you have a link to the page you expected to be provided, please add it to the feedback comment so we can look into it in detail. Thanks!

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